Teacher Gets All Butt Hurt After Mom Sends Kid To Kindergarten With ‘Inappropriate’ Xmas Sweater

By now, we’re all well aware of the hyper-sensitivity of the universe. You can’t take a dump without someone being offended by its color, you can’t give a compliment without hurting someone else’s feelings, you can’t even call a child a “snot nosed little shit” for spilling his milk without getting a call from Child Protective Services. Milk is like $5 a gallon, that little dude better lick it off the floor if he doesn’t want to go to bed hungry.

Anyway, fun has been murdered in cold blood by social justice warriors who get off on faux outrage and handing out participation trophies to kids whose uniforms don’t need to be washed. And reprimanding children who are wearing Christmas sweaters that are dope as fuck.

A kindergarten teacher had a sit down with a mother who allowed her child to go to school in this masterpiece.

So we’re all just supposed to pretend that Santa doesn’t piss just like I’ve convinced myself that girls don’t shit? What’s Santa supposed to do, just hold it in and get kidney stones. WHO’S THE REAL ASSHOLE HERE, TEACHER?! Admittedly, the sweater is childish and it would be pathetic for anyone to wear it who’s over the age of 12.

Our own Brandon Wenerd is 30 and could be this dude’s father. There are always exceptions to the rule.

[h/t LADbible]

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