Guy Gets Text From Wrong Number About Stealing Another Man’s Girlfriend, Proceeds To Troll Him To Pieces

by 4 years ago

Quite a digital soap opera from Imgur user , who recently got hit up by a random number accusing him of stealing another man’s girlfriend:

“Today I got a text from an unknown number accusing me of stealing a girl from someone. At first I thought it might be real because it sounded like something my girlfriends ex would say but then a guy named Todd was mentioned. I do not know any Todds.”

OF COURSE a guy named Todd was mentioned. It’s a scientific fact that Todd is the #1 least chill name a Bro can have. All Todds empirically suck. The overly-aggressive wrong number guy probably can’t comprehend that the girl left Todd for another dude because he was such a goddamn Todd.

Fucking Todds, man. The worst.









[H/T: Distractify]

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