The 20 Least Chill First Names A Bro Can Have

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Lotta first names have a lotta chill. Jake. Everyone likes Jake. Jake’s a good dude.

Lotta first names don’t. You ever meet a Bro with one of these names, you know you are about to deal with one unchill Bro. Someone who curses out bouncers and skips out on cab fare.

One of my friends brought this up recently.

I couldn’t disagree with her. Never met a chill Todd. But why stop there? Here are 19 more, just as bad.

1. Todd

2. Terry

3.  Rick

4. Chad

5. Charlie

6. Brent

7. Jack

8. Brad

9. Stephen

10. Lee

11. Stewart

12. Martin

13. Jessie

14. Troy

15. Jonathon

16. Geoff

17. Malcolm

18. Peter

19. Ryan

20. Dieter

[H/T @MarisaKabas for the idea]


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