This Picture Of The Rock’s Legs During Leg Day Proves That Every Bro Complaining About Leg Day Is A Giant Wuss

“Oh boo hoo I can’t build leg muscle, it hurts! It’s hard! Legs are for walking not pumping iron no no no everything is awful!”

That’s what you sound like as you talk to yourself under your breath while staring at the leg press at the gym. What has the leg press ever done to you, huh?

And sure, technically this wasn’t taken on leg day – The Rock was about to do cardio right after the picture was taken, but so what? Look at those legs. I’ve seen fewer bulging mounds on a mountain. Holy poopsticks Batman.

And as for inspiration, if you’re looking for it, via The Rock:

Here’s a lil’ fact that explains my fun DNA.. When I was 10yrs old, my dad would take me to the gym with him on the weekends. Kick my ass and “stretch” the hell outta me on the wrestling mats. Then he’d kick my ass some more on the weights. He’d always say, “If you throw up, go outside. And if you cry, then go home to your mother.” Yeah, that’s my upbringing which taught me there will never be another substitute for hard work. And crying in the gym ain’t allowed. Even if you’re 10.. with a big ass afro.#WelcomeToLifeBoy #LetsGetToWork#ThrowUpOutside #IronParadise