New App Is Tinder For Politics: Swipe To Find Out Which Candidates You Should Support Based On Your Opinions

by 3 years ago

Voter App

A new app named ‘Voter’ is basically Tinder for politics, and it might help people figure out just who in the heck they want to vote for in 2016 as the Presidential Election is still as wide open as it’s ever been. You swipe based on major issues and then it matches you up with candidates based on your swiping activity, which can help you decide between candidates based on policy instead of charisma and party affiliation.

Now we typically have a policy here at BroBible where we’re not supposed to share our individual political affiliations (yes, BroBible is a collection of editors and not just one person), and I’m not trying to alienate anyone by sharing my own opinions, but I figured for the sake of this post I should at least test out the app and show you bros some screenshots + how it works + results.


Cass A. Screenshot


Cass A. Screenshot

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