The Weather Channel Is Currently Torturing Its Interns: Here’s How You Join In

And, sometimes, you walk into work on a dreary Monday morning, and your lunatic superior puts you in a tornado simulator.

That's the case for the good unpaid professionals at the Weather Channel, who are currently in the funnel of a social media “Tornado Week” experiment. Every mention of #tornadoweek on Twitter raises the scale and boosts the winds of a machine in the office. When 1,000,000 mentions are hit, the machine gets jacked up to an EF-5 level tornado. That's 261-318 MPH wind. None of this makes any sense. 

Here's what the Weather Channel said:

Our Weather Channel interns got so excited about Tornado Week they wanted to recreate a Twitter powered Tornado in our office – so we did, and sat them right in the middle of it! Now you are in control of the winds.


The winds right now are relatively low, but from briefly watching the live feed, it's clear that they've affected any work these poor souls are trying to do. If you want to increase the speed, it's just a Tweet away. (They'll even put your name on the wall.)

(That's a framed picture of famed hurricane chaser Jim Cantore behind their desks, by the way. This is a coincidence because I HAVE THE SAME PICTURE OF JIM CANTORE BEHIND MY DESK.)