Thief Steals Purse From Girl, Girl Revenge-Steals Something WAY More Valuable From Him Than A Purse (VIDEO)

by 3 years ago

I can’t tell if this is real or not. On one hand, you’d think that the thief would be smart enough to jump back on his motorbike after snatching the purse, but in my 22 years on this earth I’ve seen people do some dumb shit and forgetting to use your getaway vehicle during your getaway doesn’t even rank in the top 10 dumbest things I’ve seen. On the OTHER hand, what are the chances that the girl actually thought to steal the bike? Like yeah I know a bike is worth way more than her purse, but her license and shit were probably in that bag. You know what a bitch it is to get your license replaced? No idea what the process is in China but it’s probably 500x worse. Fuck that, I’ll take the purse over the bike any day.

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