People Shared Things They Do Better When They’re Drunk And Some Of These Will Sound Very Familiar

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things do better when drunk


We all know people, hell, some of us are those people, who when we drink we think that we suddenly develop some sort of magical superpower. You know what I mean. Have a few pops and suddenly someone (you) thinks that you can do anything. You’re goddamn invincible, baby!

Well, as it turns out, apparently when some people drink they DO actually have a few things that they are better at than when they are sober.

At least that’s if you believe the answers to the question posed by Redditor AHurriedDog, “What thing are you better at when you’re drunk?

Here are just a few of the heroic* acts that have been fueled by alcohol…

(*Not heroic at all. Well, maybe a couple.)

Hearing the same fucking story for the 6th time without piledriving my friends through a table. ~ kirolm

There is a point, picture it like on the the tip of a mountain, that I reach when buzzed when I am fucking brilliant. I am creative and articulate and a wonderful listener. I come up with lyrics, and little stories that are brilliant. As soon as I say them I forget them.

But it doesn’t last because I pour another and I slide down the mountain. ~ Bodymindisoneword

I discovered I was a great programmer drunk my junior year. I came home from the bar late Thurs night/Fri morning only to realize I had programming homework I forgot I had, due at 8am. When I got it back the following week I had an A on it. Previous assignments, I was consistently getting C’s. Did most of my big programming projects with a pack of beer after that. ~ Vew

I’m best at pool after three drinks.

0 drinks=terrible
1 drink=slightly less terrible
2 drinks=hey, I’m getting better at this
3 drinks=maybe I should start putting money on this game
4 drinks=I’m getting worse at this
5 drinks=now I think I’m a good dancer! ~ Internet_Validation

Beer pong. Somehow the alcohol improves my balance and coordination when it comes to playing beer pong. ~ OberynnMartell

About ten years ago I was shitfaced at a bowling alley and rolled 3 games in the mid 200’s. I was approached afterwards by another drunk guy and asked if I would join his team for league nights. I figured ‘why the hell not?’

League night rolls around and I show up sober. Can’t remember what that guy looks like because I was too drunk. Out if nowhere I’m approached by a guy flashing gang signs. Or so I thought… It was him. The guy that wanted me to bowl on his team. He was deaf. The whole team was deaf. Apparently I was slurring so bad during our previous encounter that he thought I was deaf too.

So there’s me. Sober and definitely NOT deaf. Proceeded to bowl in the 80-90 range while a very confused team looked on. I finished my 3 games, packed my shit, and never returned to that bowling alley. ~ i_am_lukes_father

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