This Brilliant ‘Making A Murderer’ Parody Follows The Manitowoc Sheriff’s Dept. As They Ruin Innocent Peoples’ Lives Ya Know

Whether you believe Steven Avery is guilty or innocent, it’s tough to argue the utter incompetence of the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department in the entire dubious investigation. Sure, the next natural step for a man who douched a kitten in gasoline and tossed it on a blazing fire is murdering a human, so they may have unfairly fairly put the right man behind bars, but god damn, at least try to do it without take a giant dump on the investigative process. Every member of the Sheriff’s department looked like they ate a weed brownie and were forced to give a class presentation they forgot about when they took the stand.

This parody imagines what a ‘Cops’ episode would look like in Manitowoc County and to be honest I first thought it was a documentary. And then I saw the smoking hot girls in Manitowoc County and realized it had to be a spoof.

“I’m better in the pocket than Aaron Rodgers if ya know what I mean. Hit the sound.” Brilliant.

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