‘Thug Notes’ Is My New Favorite YouTube Series

Sweets probes deep (seriously) into how Jim's broken arm, for instance, in Mockingbird metaphorically represents the broken United States during the Great Depression. And his discussion of Gatsby's famous green light is WAY more accurate than the movie's bungled attempt at relating it to the romance between Gatsby and Daisy. The result isn't really “Haha, look at the guy talk funny about literature,” which might have been racially weird and awkward. It's more, “This can actually help you understand the lit in between the laughs.” Check this motif, son.

Will we see more reviews? Yes, definitely. Two days ago, Sweets posted: “Yo, y'all. I'm reading a bunch of books. New episode on July 2nd.” I'm subscribed.

(Gotta feature my two favorite quotes:

“By hanging with a crazy cracker like Boo Radley and a righteous black man like T. Robinson, Scout has one of them paradigm shifting moments, playa. She learns that these homies just wanna hustle like anybody else.”

“After dealing with all this rich white boy angsty bullshit, Nick decides he needs to get his ass out of New York, and chill out in the midwest.”)

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