Tilikum, The Killer Whale From ‘Blackfish,’ Is In The Big Ocean In The Sky Giving Rides To Harambe And Cecil Right Now

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2016 was a devastating year for megastar animal deaths, punctuated by the sudden and crushing loss of our lord and savior, Harambe the Almighty. Now, only six days into 2017, we suffer yet another unnerving death… Tilikum, the killer whale.

Tilikum, who was believed to be 36-years-old, died on Friday morning at SeaWorld in Orlando after a long bout with a bacterial lung infection. Gone far too soon.

The orca was best known for starring in the “Blackfish” documentary that exposed the harsh conditions that killer whales are subjected to under captivity at SeaWorld parks. Tilikum was involved with the deaths of three trainers, starting in the 90s and the latest coming in 2010.

Right now, Tilikum must be having the time of his life playing with Harambe and Cecil the Lion in the big ocean in the sky that we call heaven.

RIP Tilikum.

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