Times Square Is Already Jam-Packed 12 Hours Before Ball Drops And All I Can Say Is ‘Why?’

There is no more celebrated place in the world to ring in the new year than Times Square. However that doesn’t mean that it’s fun.

Times Square has been the spot for celebrating NYE celebration since 1904, when a lot less people showed up. But nowadays there are people from all over the world who gather at Times Square to watch a ball descend and hear hosts like Jenny McCarthy, Ryan Seacrest or Carson Daly show that they can count backwards from 10.

This is an aerial view of what Times Square looked like at noon. That 12 p.m. EST. If my math is correct, that’s a full 12 hours before the ball drops. That’s 12 hours with no bathroom, and more importantly, no booze.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsShould I even mention that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have officially declared this year’s influenza to be an epidemic? And that the flu vaccine isn’t protecting people from this year’s nasty strain?


Tonight’s forecast isn’t too bad, but it’s still no Caribbean beach. It will be 29 degrees with a 10 mph wind when the ball drops at midnight.

However you are wrangled into fenced in areas where you can not leave. Much like if you were cattle on the way to the slaughter house.

I’d rather slather myself in Jack Daniels sauce and pay $299 for a 4-hour New Year’s Eve party at the TGIFriday’s in Times Square than stand outside next to strangers who may have Ebola.