Tinder Now Lets You Link Your Instagram Account To Your Tinder Profile–And I Plan On Swiping Left To All Your Meals

Tinder has been pretty quiet on the new features front since it went live in 2012. I thought by now they’d at least create a “nudie” feature or at the very least a “DTF” feature.

But recently, the president and cofounder of Tinder, Sean Rad announced that Tinder users will now be able to link their Instagram accounts directly to their Tinder page.

If users choose to utilize this feature, their 34 most recent Insta photos will appear on their Tinder page, coupled with a link to direct the swiper to the main Instagram page.

And for all you private Instagram people, first off, what do you have to hide? Tinder will still put the 34 most recent photos on Tinder, but users who aren’t granted access to follow you will not be able to access your Instagram page.

Rad told Mashable,

“”It will help you better understand who the person is that you’re talking to. When you’re able to asses the degrees of separation between you and an individual it adds a lot of value in the form of context, trust and everything.”

The updated Tinder profiles also give more information about second degree connections, or friends of friends. Before, we were just notified of any mutual friends, but the wider social circle may stir up another conversation angle other than “You like to travel. Cool.” The new and improved Tinder has also expanded the “interest” section, unveiling all of your interests rather than just the ones you share with a potential suitor. Nice, now chicks can see I’m interested in fetish porn.

Thank you, Tinder. I can’t wait to get started!

Oh wait, there’s a Tinder for pot smokers?

Ya I think I’m more suited for that.

[H/T Mashable]

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