Tinder Is Suing A Competitor For Stealing Away Users Who Are Into The Freaky Stuff



Tinder is great for a lot of things: meeting sub-par people and agreeing to have disinterested sexual relations for a time until either one of you meets someone better, and … that’s about it.

One thing Tinder is not great for is organizing threesomes. I guess you could use it as a couple to look for a person, but most people, you have to assume, aren’t on it because they want to join your freak deek sexy par-tay.

Enter 3inder, which touted itself as the app for threesomes. Did it work? Who fucking knows.

But it certainly drew itself enough press for Tinder to notice. Which is why Tinder is now suing 3nder.

From The Guardian:

Tinder, owned by global dating firm Match Group, is alleging trademark infringement in the high court against 3nder, an independent app for non-monogamous couples and their potential partners.

It wants its smaller competitor to shut down and erase its presence from the web entirely to avoid “confusion” between the two apps, claiming the alleged similarity gives 3nder an “unfair advantage”.

Tinder’s claim is based on the supposed pronunciation of 3nder, according to a legal letter seen by the Guardian.

“Phonetically, the infringing mark is closely similar to the Tinder mark, as the obvious pronunciation of ‘3nder’ is ‘Thrinder’, which rhymes with Tinder,” the letter warns.

They’re probably right. It is just a blatant rip off with a similar name with only a slightly different intent. In the wrong or not, 3nder is not going down without a fight.

Founder Dimo Trifonov vowed to fight Tinder, which he accused of “loading a nuclear weapon” against his firm, which employs just eight people.

Yea that’s exactly what happened.

Unfortunately it appears the Trifonov also nuked himself.

Tinder’s lawyers pointed to an interview with the New York Post in which they allege that Trifonov confirms this pronunciation.

Looks like you may need to go elsewhere for your kinks.

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[Via The Guardian]

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