Toddler Forced To Learn ‘What Being A Man Is About’ By Drinking Beer, Smoking — Lesson Taught By Two Huge Assholes

I’ll say this about Facebook, as much as I hate it, the social website does serve one purpose. It helps us find the fucking assholes in the world a lot quicker.

Two Romanian men were caught on camera trying to teach a toddler “what being a real man is all about” — making him smoke cigarettes and chug beer.

The 1-minute clip was posted to Facebook by a user named Daniel Tecu, who later asked for help identifying the two boneheaded adults, according to Central European News.

In the clip, you can see the little kid being forced beer and smokes and being told “this is what being a real man is all about” and the words are spoken by a walking piece of shit. Being a real man isn’t about drinking and smoking or forcing it on a toddler. A real man is knowing those are the things you SHOULDN’T do to a young child.

[via NY Post]