Here’s Tommy Chong With A Jar Full Of Dabs (Cannabis Oil) That Might Cost More Than Your Home

When it comes to getting stoned Tommy Chong’s as O.G. as it gets. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong started putting out movies back in the 1970s about getting high, but they were on the forefront of the weed/marijuana culture in America LONG before that. Also, I’d wager that you can’t find names that are more associated with weed than Cheech and Chong…Even Snoop Dogg’s more closely tied to the music industry than he is to weed, even though he’s probably the most famous stoner in the world.

I say all of this because Tommy Chong’s 77 years old, and at this point in his life it’s hard for him to do anything weed-relate that’s shocking. That’s why when he posted this photo of him holding a MASSIVE JAR of cannabis oil/dabs, people began to lose their shit. The picture IMMEDIATELY went viral and Tommy was getting hit with tons of questions about, most notably ‘how much is that worth?’. So he tossed up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts addressing the questions, and MOTHER OF GOD, this jar of dabs might cost more than your home..It almost definitely costs more than your car:

Also, some LOLs for good measure:

Think of all the things that you could buy for $100,000 that aren’t dabs…I mean, you could buy a completely badass car. You could buy some of the most expensive watches known to man. But no, if you’re a life long marijuana advocate and habitual stoner you get a jar of dabs worth $100,000. COMPLETE INSANITY.

By the way, if you bros have never seen this video before of a dude hitting a 1g dab and getting higher than anyone in history I want you to watch it right now, because it’s fucking incredible:

Stoner Attempts A Ridiculous Weed Challenge (1G Dab) And You’ve NEVER Seen Anyone This High Before

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