Stoner Attempts A Ridiculous Weed Challenge (1G Dab) And You’ve NEVER Seen Anyone This High Before

Now that weed is legal for recreational use throughout parts of our country stoners no longer need to hide their hobby, and they can now make ‘feats of stoner strength’ videos for the entire world to see. That’s all fine and dandy, I happen to think it’s good for people just discovering marijuana for the first time to have as many informational resources available as possible so that they know what they’re getting themselves into.

Of course, what ends up happening is a game of oneupmanship, where the most popular stoners on YouTube (think Epic Meal Time for Weed) are constantly in a race to out do each other by smoking the bigger, fatter, daker blunt. In this case we’ve got the YouTube channel ‘CustomGrow420’ attempting the a challenge to see who can vape as much of a 1 gram dab hit as possible. Dabs are more or less pure THC oil, the active ingredient in marijuana, so smoking a 1G dab is about as crazy of a feat as any stoner might ever attempt. This is probably the most high you’ll ever see anyone get, ever:

Let me clarify that dabs are not 100% THC, but dabs are functionally ‘smokable THC oil’, and they’re as strong as it gets. A year ago when I took a trip to the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado for the first ever legalized ‘4/20’ I was walking around the convention and talking to High Times employees, asking them what the most interesting thing of the entire event was. Each and every person I spoke to said ‘you gotta go out back for the free dabs hits’…which I never did. I was more interested in actually seeing something I could report on than turning into that dude above. That said, I’d happily try some dabs now.