Topless Maid Arrested For Nearly Decapitating Cop With A Knife After Bashing His Head With A Shotgun



I don’t understand the motive here. If Centia Renee Martin, 36, killed retired police officer Robert Crigler for money, she’s an idiot. Sure maybe Crigler had a few thousand dollars sitting around his house, but having a job that pays > petty cash when you consider what you’re earning over time. Yeah I guess she could’ve taken the money and THEN gotten another job, but look at her:



She ain’t exactly the top-tier variety of topless maids.

According to Daily Mail, Martin was sentenced to 35 years to life after a trial lasting 21 days in which she tried (and obviously failed) to defend herself. Within 3 days of being hired by Crigler, Martin bludgeoned him to death with a shotgun and then in a case of massive overkill decided it would be a good idea to try and decapitate him with a knife by sawing at his neck.

Steven Gates, deputy district attorney, said retired officer Robert Crigler originally hired her as a topless maid and masseuse on January 10.

…Prosecutors claimed the killing occurred sometime between January 10, when Crigler hired Martin, and January 13, when police found his body inside his home.
Evidence presented at trial included video surveillance footage and forensic evidence that tied Martin to the crime.(via)

Come on lady, if you’re gonna murder someone you gotta plan this shit out – where you gonna dump the body? Where you gonna dismember it? How are you gonna clean up? All basic questions when it comes to murder; the fact that the jury only took 4 hours to decide that duh she did it just goes to show that she didn’t plan this shit out very well. Maybe she’ll have better luck next time…oh wait.

[H/T Daily Mail]