A Group Of Tourists Killed A Baby Dolphin So They Could Take Selfies With It, Because Humans Are The Worst


Ready to get mad? There is nothing more stomach-churning and infuriating than this story of blatant disregard for marine life. At the beach resort town of Santa Teresita in Argentina, a group of tourists plucked a struggling baby Franciscana dolphin from the surf and carried it onto the beach. Here’s a video of the moment a guy picked him up:

According to a post on Facebook, a mob of tourists surrounded the dolphin to touch it and take pictures with it. Being out of water for so long caused it to dehydrate and die. It’s carcass was pictured on the beach shortly afterwards.

According to Mashable, Franciscana dolphins live for 20 years off the Atlantic coast of South America. There are only estimated to be 30,000 left in the water, which makes this incident particularly sickening.

Holy shit humans are the worst. Excuse my while I weep for society for the rest of the day and fear for the day when the dolphins have their vengeful justice on us. Have none of the people on that beach watched The Simpsons?

We’re screwed.

[H/T: Mashable]

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