Check Out The Trailer For Gripping Documentary About 88 Soldiers Who Held Off 500 Taliban Fighters For 56 Days And Survived

Last week, we brought you the harrowing story of how 88 British soldiers faced a seemingly grim demise as their camp was surrounded by 500 Taliban fighters. The unbelievable tale of heroism and brotherhood is told on the documentary Heroes of Helmand: The British Army’s Great Escape. The trailer for the powerful documentary was released and it looks tremendous.

The doc goes back to 2006 when the soldiers of the Easy Company were sent to at the Helmand outpost Musa Qala in Afghanistan. For 56 days, the 88 men of Easy Company held their ground as they were battling the enemy that totally surrounded their outpost. For two months, the brave men at Musa Qala faced constant fire from fixed machine gun posts and mortars while they were only protected by low mud walls.

With death looming from a gunshot or a mortar attack, things got even more agonizing as food started to run low. The village was often too dangerous for helicopter support and reinforcements, so the East Company could only depend on themselves.

Despite being completely outmanned and outgunned, the Easy Company survived the harrowing experience. In the end, they lost three men and had 12 who were severely injured.

Heroes of Helmand: The British Army’s Great Escape appears on the U.K.’s Channel 4 on Tuesday 16th August at 9 p.m., but I’m sure those of you who don’t live in Britain will find a way to watch this compelling show.

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