If You Are One Of Those People Who Despise Trigger Warnings, Give This A Read Then See What You Think

Yesterday, the University of Chicago received a lot of praise online for its announcement to incoming freshman that they won’t be offering trigger warnings on sensitive material.

People loved it.

“Yea! Yea! Fuck these cuddled millennials who can’t handle a little casual sexual assault in their novels like I, Joe Tougheveryman, can.”

I get why people hate them, but that’s because people are stupid. Not everyone’s disposition toward and ability to engage with things is the same as every other single person’s on the planet.

Like, do you think, having never served, watching the Hurt Locker might be a different experience for you than for someone who did a tour in Iraq?

That’s really all trigger warnings aim to do. “Hey man, this shit’s intense, just a heads up.”

Heavens to fucking Betsy.

Like I said, if you think trigger warnings are an awful thing, give this a read.

Seriously, though, is there anything wrong with that? There’s no way reasonable way to disagree.