You Won’t Believe How Much Money The TSA Has Made Off Spare Change Left At Airport Security

The Transportation Security Administration has released its 2014 fiscal year report this week and it looks like all those nickels, dimes and quarters people are forgetting to grab are adding up big time.

The TSA collected almost $675,000 in loose change that went unclaimed by passengers in 2014. $675,000!! And it all goes right into the TSA’s pocket.

Not that they aren’t trying to give you back your pennies. They are, according to TSA press secretary Ross Feinstein

“TSA makes every effort to reunite passengers with items left at the checkpoint, however there are instances where loose change or other items are left behind and unclaimed. Unclaimed money, typically consisting of loose coins passengers remove from their pockets, is documented and turned into the TSA financial office.”

As you can see, the amount of money left behind has now reached record proportions…

The TSA also broke it down by airport and in no real surprise New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport yielded the biggest windfall.

So do you think maybe people are forgetting their change in those baskets because after going through the TSA checkpoints they’re just in such a goddamn hurry to get the hell out of there? I bet that’s why they make the process so miserable. All the spare change they can make! Conspiracy!!

H/T HuffPo; Airport security image by Arina P Habich/Shutterstock