Popular Twitch Gamer Has Live Stream Interrupted By His VERY FIT Mom Wearing Just Her Bra And Panties

I am going to have to following some of these Twitch gamers. Between all the chicks “accidentally” flashing the camera and this dude’s fit mom walking around in her underwear it’s no wonder e-sports is taking off.

This dude here, reportedly “Bjergsen” from Denmark, was just doing his thing, live streaming himself playing some League of Legends, when, whoops, mom walked in the door wearing nothing but a black bra and panties.

Sadly, this gamer was able to show off some of those quick reflexes he learned playing video games and shut the door on his mom before we could get a really good look. Especially considering that his mom seemed to think the whole thing quite hilarious. Way to go mom.

And just like that I am now interested in learning how to play League of Legends.

As for that better look I wanted… thank you very much, Internet.


H/T The Daily Star

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