Glorious Twitter Account Photoshops Book Covers From Our Childhood Into Hilarious Masterpieces


Is there anything better than a good book? The answer is yes. Drugs are better than a good book. Drugs make reading seem like waterboarding. But unfortunately drugs rot our brains and make our parents pity the creation they’ve made. And books are supposed to expand the mind. They certainly have for me–I keep books around to tear the corners of the covers off to make joint filters. Love books.

And I’ve finally found a batch of books I’d fancy reading rather just using them to smoke drug. Thanks to the Twitter account Paperback Paradise, a parody account that photoshops the cover of books from our childhood to make them more provocative and relevant, I may actually welcome a good read session while my Brazzers video continues to buffer.

Whoever said to never judge a book by its cover can shove it.

Read up kids!

[h/t Uproxx]