Chick Goes On Twitter Looking For Weed, Local PD Responds Trying To Be Funny, They Get Completely Torched



It’s always fun when you get to blog about your hometown. Things were different when I was living in NYC for the past decade because there’s enough news on a daily basis to last a lifetime, but now that I’m living back in Sarasota, Florida (where I was born/raised) there’s not really shit going on here at all, other than an ass ton of daily ‘early bird specials’ at restaurants and perfectly manicured golf courses. There is weed in this town, and it’s not really hard to come by if you know the right people. However, given that Florida is one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to marijuana punishments a public forum like Twitter isn’t exactly the best place to try and find some weed. That didn’t stop this chick from hopping on there and asking for green, only to have the local Sarasota PD respond, which in turn got them ‘boom, roasted!’ by the Twittersphere. Here’s how it all went down.

First tweet:

The City of Sarasota’s official Twitter handle responds:

Then a man by the name of John Pratt hopped in there:



After that guy dropped the hammer the PD got torched for the War on Drugs:









By far though, this one was my favorite. When you have the opportunity to use a GIF of young Leo smoking weed you should always take that opportunity:

Sarasota‘s such a small place, and I actually follow both the City and County police on Twitter which is why I was shocked to see this story about a chick looking for weed on Twitter pop up on Mashable, this town’s small enough to the point that whenever something interesting happens I usually at least hear about it before seeing it on other blogs. So major props to Brian Koerber Mashable for jumping on this story early!