Two Bros Beat the Piss Out of Some Guy After He Attacks Them On Side of Road, Then He Pulls Gun

According to ABC 12:

“Everyone got to see the fun part of it. We're the ones who saw a gun pointed to our face and felt we [were] about to die,” said Nathan Brotzman, one of the victims.

Deputies said 40-year-old Bradley Turner and 30-year-old Christy Turner, both of Institute Road in La Grange, have been charged for the attack, which happened at about 1 p.m. on Sunday. According to investigators, the Turners were driving their Toyota SUV in James City, when they were cut off by a Chevy truck, driven by Josh Berry.

Berry said the Turners followed his truck all the way to a home in Newport. Bradley Turner then got out of his SUV and landed the first blow, Berry said.

“When [Bradley Turner] walked up, I just looked at him, he said a couple of words, threw a punch, and it was on like Donkey Kong,” said Berry. “[Turner] assaulted both of us first before we ever landed a hit. It was complete self defense.”

When [Turner] pulled up behind us, we knew something was gonna happen. [But we] had no intention on what actually did happen,”  Brotzman said. “For everyone out there that's talking this and that about how we tried to jump him and it was unfair, we were in the wrong. To a point, yes, we were. But to another point, that was self defense, we had no intention of doing this to this guy.”

“When I looked up, that's when I see the kids in the car. That's the only reason why I didn't keep kicking [the suspect],” Brotzman said. “I looked up and kind of seeing the kids just staring at me, crying for their dad.”

“It's on like Donkey King.” If ever a phrase needed to die…

People fucking amaze me with their inability to let little things go. The guy who pulled the gun and instigated the fight followed these dudes home after they cut him off on the road. Now he's going to potentially go to jail over a litany of charges (including discharging a weapon into property, two counts of assault by pointing a gun, going armed to the terror of the people, injury to personal property, and assault). Enjoy all the fun associated with that, shithead.

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[H/T Big Lead]