TWO-HEADED SHARKS Are Being Discovered All Over The World And These Monsters Will Haunt Your Dreams

You guys head along to the beach, I think I’m just going to just stick by the pool. I just can’t run the risk of encountering a FUCKING TWO HEADED SHARK. My psyche is too fragile for that shit.

Fishermen from the Gulf of California and northwestern Mexico have began finding more and more two-headed sharks and scientists are baffled. The first one was spotted in 2008 by Christopher Johnston, a fisherman in the Indian Ocean. According to EcoWatch, Johnston reeled in a pregnant blue shark off the coast of Australia and when he cut it open, a two-headed fetus popped out. Johnston tried to save it by putting it in a tank and feeding it, but it died.

Since then, several two headed sharks have been discovered–mostly blue sharks because they carry large litters of up to 50 babies at a time in the womb, reports Daily Mail.

Each head typically contains a mouth, two eyes and a brain, and were joined behind the gills, according to a paper published in the Journal of Fish Biology.

Scientists don’t know the exact cause for the mutation, but some suggest that the surge in mutants is due to genetic abnormalities triggered by over-fishing.

As shark population numbers dwindle, their gene pool shrinks, giving rise to more inbreeding which carries a high risk of passing on crippling genetic abnormalities.

I don’t care what the cause for these monsters is, I want them out of my life forever.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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