Two Canadian Teenagers Accidentally Commit International Crime And Get Arrested While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

We’ve all read the stories about people literally stampeding in the search of Pokemon, or the fools who’ve gotten nabbed by hunting Pokemon inside a police station while there’s a warrant out for their arrest – those are the kind of stories that make your head hurt and wish the gene pool would up its chlorine. The two Canadian teenagers who accidentally crossed the border after they lost track of their location playing Pokemon Go, on the other hand…well, I’ll give them a pass, as it seems like an earnest mistake and not people toying with the concept of “natural selection”:

The pair were so into finding the Pokemon characters that they hadn’t realised they’d walked straight into America – illegally.

Border Patrol Agent John South said the boys got caught up and crossed the border into Montana.

Agents then detained them near Sweet Grass, which borders the town of Coutts in Canada’s Alberta province, while contacting their mother, who was nearby on the Canadian side.(via)

The kids were released from custody shortly after…and then wandered straight back into Montana in search of a Charizard. Just kidding, that didn’t happen – they went back home to live happily ever after, but ultimately had empty and unfulfilling lives, as they never completed their Pokedex due to not having passports and therefore the ability to travel North America, searching far and wide for Pokemon.

[H/T Metro]