If She Says These Two Words Then Your Chances For Second Date And Even Sex Increase Greatly

Since the 2016 edition of the Singles in America Survey has been published we have learned quite a bit. We’ve discovered some interesting information on how emojis can help your game as well as the dating habits of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters. Today we find out the words that seem to be telltale signs that a girl is definitely interested in you.

The survey of 5,500 singles for the online dating site Match revealed that when someone used the words “LOL” or “Haha” in a message to a potential partner it increases the chances of a second date by 255 percent. If the individual used those two words it increased the probability that they would like to have sex by 39 percent. Better work on your sense of humor immediately.

On the opposite side, if a person used the phrase “on fleek” it decreases your chances of a second date by 26 percent. Just tell her that her eyebrows “look nice.” Please. For your own sake.

The study also discovered that if a person did not wine or dine their potential mate on the first date, their chances of scoring a second date decreases by 107 percent. Drinking cocktails on a first-date increases odds for a second date by a whopping 137 percent. Booze makes everything better.

Surprisingly, the most expensive dates were not in New York City or in San Francisco, but in Austin, Texas, where the average cost is $81.42. The least expensive place in the country for a date is in Portland, Oregon, with a cost of $45.53.

Apparently the optimum amount of time for a first date is 2 1/2 hours, and gives the highest potential for a second date.

Over 70 percent of those on a date with a man prefer that he be clean-shaven. BLASPHEMY! Okay, now I must question the legitimacy of this survey.