SURVEY: Donald Trump Fans Expect Sex On First Date, More Likely To Film Themselves Having Sex

The old adage is that you should never talk about politics or religion on a first date. However, a new study says that you should definitely talk about politics because it increases the chance of a second date by a whopping 91 percent. The survey of over 5,000 American singles aged 18 to over 70 on reveals that for 79 percent of the respondents, political allegiances of potential partners was not an issue that would prevent them from pursuing a relationship with a person they liked. In fact, those who are passionate about political issues, no matter their political party, were found to have 13 percent more orgasms than those who aren’t as interested in the government. Politically involved singles are also 32 percent more likely to have multiple orgasms.

*Puts on all the candidates’ swag and campaign gear*

The survey also detailed some fascinating tidbits about supporters of various candidates vying to win the 2016 presidential election. One of the findings was that Hillary Clinton campaigners are 2,133 percent likely to expect no physical contact on a first date and 43 percent more likely to be looking for commitment. On the exact opposite side of the spectrum, Donald Trump fans are 1,104 percent more likely to expect sex on the first date. The study did not say if Bernie Sanders supporters wanted to take 90 percent of the sex from the top 1 percent of hot singles and give it to the bottom 99 percent of singles.

If you want to woo a supporter of Hillary Clinton, the best date should include sushi and plenty of wine, but definitely don’t arrange the date through email communication.

For those planning on going on a date with a Donald Trump supporter, be prepared to pick up the check because fans of the real estate mogul are 82 percent more likely to be unemployed than followers of Hillary. If you want a second date with a Trump fanatic then you can increase your chances by 122 percent if you choose an expensive restaurant, 115 percent if you get sushi, and 148 percent for Middle Eastern food. See, Trump supporters don’t hate everything about the Middle East. But the best way to ensure a second date with a Donald Trump disciple is to have oral sex, that swells the likelihood of a second date by a massive 278 percent. Statistics were not provided on probability when you discuss erecting a wall, questioning the birth certificate of Ted Cruz or saying “China” repeatedly.

Approximately 84 percent of Trump’s proponents are over 45-years-old, and are 54 percent more likely to have five or more ex-partners compared to Clinton’s followers. However, this may shock you, but Clinton fans are far more likely to lie about how many people they bang. The study found that Clinton backers were 102 percent more likely to lie about the number of sexual partners they’ve had in the past compared to Trump supporters. I wonder where they learned that from?

Those who champion Trump are 99 percent more likely to film themselves having sex compared to Clinton fans. Making America’s Sex Tapes Great Again.

Of the older women polled, 24 percent named Marco Rubio as the “most kissable” presidential candidate. It must be because of this sweet t-shirt with cool lingo that the kids were saying five years ago.

Millennial women however were getting their GILF on because 94 percent wanted to kiss 74-year-old Bernie Sanders. That’s not weird or anything. Enjoy that Poligrip kiss ladies.