This Two-Year-Old South African DJ Is Everything I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I was such a pathetic two-year-old. I’d just sit around and drool down my chin waiting for my next shit. It makes me feel go to know that at that age I was dropping deuces in my diapers and DJ AJ is dropping fiery mixtapes.

The two-year-old South African has become a viral sensation for his nasty skills on the turntables.

CCTV Africa reports,

“His mother, Refiloe Marumo, credits his father’s decision to buy an iPad for his then unborn son. Glen Hlongwane planned to download educational apps to speed up his child’s education. Hlongwane, a gymnastics coach and aspiring DJ, also downloaded a disc jockeying app for himself.”

“The parents were blown away when their son, still in diapers, repeated what he had learned on the app on actual DJ equipment, playing with sound effects and bouncing between songs. A cellphone video of him playing went viral and now DJ AJ has nearly 25,000 Facebook fans.”

AJ’s talents have landed him sponsorship deals and special appearances. His parents forbid him to play at clubs at such a young age but he kills it at the local malls.

I’m pretty confident when I have kids, they are going to be getting fucked up to DJ AJ in the basement while I try to convince their mom to touch my penis on the upstairs couch. It’s so likely that it might as well have already happened.

Check out DJ AJ in the flesh. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

[H/T Uproxx]

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