Uber Driver Drops Woman Off At Airport, Then Doubles Back To Rob Her House, And I’ll Take The Bus Thanks

Gerald Montgomery, 51-year-old Uber driver in Denver, was arrested this week after driving a woman to the airport, wishing her a safe flight, and then immediately driving back to rob her house.

Seems foolproof, no? Well, not if the woman doesn’t live alone.

According to the police report,

“Montgomery did not realize his passenger had a roommate who was still in the house and he fled when the homeowner observed his actions.”

The roommate was able to recognize the perpetrator based off a screenshot of the Uber receipt.

Uber released a statement regarding the incident:

“Uber immediately removed the driver’s access to the Uber platform, pending an investigation.”

Montgomery passed full criminal and driving history background checks before becoming an Uber driver including three-step screening that includes county, federal, and multi-state checks, according to the Denver Post.

Bro, gotta do your due diligence. If you’re going to be a scumbag, at least be good at it. Drop a couple innocent questions about her living situation, because believe it or not, she probably didn’t expect you to be a worthless asshole. Most people don’t meet people under the “will this dude ransack me of all my belongings?” pretense. You get the benefit of being perceived as an upstanding citizen and you still fuck it up? Fine by me if this dude ends up on death row. Can’t have the stupidity polluting our society.

Sidetone: This drummed up a conversation within the BroBible office as to whether or not this incident would cause us to switch to Lyft.

The resounding answer:


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