The UConn Mac ‘N Cheese Douche Now Has A Mac ‘N Cheese Calzone Named After Him At D.P. Dough

The drunk, entitled UConn kid whining about not being able to get mac and cheese at the student union is the best thing about my week so far. There are rumors that he’s been expelled, but apparently he’s still subject to disciplinary due process proceedings which the university itself can’t comment on because of federal privacy laws.

But look, you already know this. What I’m here to tell you about is a culinary creation inspired by 19-year-old Luke Gatti’s outburst. It’s a D.P. Dough masterpiece called the “Mac-Gatti Zone” and — OF COURSE — it’s stuffed bacon mac and cheese stuffed calzone.

A BroBible reader at UConn told us that the Student Union sold out of the legendary Mac ‘N Cheese last night.

I ate D.P. Dough once a week in college. There’s no doubt I’d crush one of these.


And don’t worry, I called Mr. Brooks out about calling D.P. Dough any old “calzone place” like it’s some mom and pop joint. D.P. Dough is truth.


[H/T: Barstool]

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