According To A Doctor, Here’s The Best Way To Unblock An Extremely Stuffed Nose

‘Tis the season for THE FLU and SINUS PRESSURE and YARDS OF MUCUS and GINGIVITIS. Ok, it’s aways the season for GINGIVITIS, but those other three are just coming into form and although you think you’re a teflon Don, you’re bound to get sick at some point this Winter.

I don’t mind being sick so much as I mind coming across in public as a disgusting individual. The worst of it is a nose blockage that just won’t quit. And I am genuinely sharing this because I clicked the link out of my own selfish necessity. I wasn’t looking for content to share, I saw the headline and I thought, “well slap me in the dick and call me Charlie, this is information I could use!” Truth is, every year I have at least one or two weeks where my nose is annoyingly blocked and I spend all day trying (and failing) to unclog it. It wouldn’t be awful it was just blocked, but NO IT HAS TO DRIP DOWN MY FUCKING LIP ONTO MY CHIN DOESN’T IT? Yes, it does.

So now that you know why I’m posting this here is one of two effective methods that Dr. Lisa DeStefano, D.O. told Men’s Health.

This mucus-loosening trick might feel weird—okay, we tried it and it definitely feels weird—but Dr. DeStefano promises it delivers results.

Insert your right pinky into the back left of your mouth, as far behind your last molar as you can. You should feel a lot of fleshy tissue. Now push straight up toward your eye and cheek bone.

Do this for 3 seconds. It stimulates a group of nerves connected to sensation in your face and nasal cavity that will help drain out fluid, says Dr. DeStefano. Repeat this every few hours for maximum effect.

No bullshitting, I legit just tried this (my nose isn’t even stuffed) and now there’s some snot trying to escape my nostril and cascade down my mouth. If sticking your pinky in your mouth isn’t your jam, Dr. DeStefano offers up another idea over at Men’s Health.