Underage Kid Dresses Up Like His Mom So He Can Buy Alcohol And Whoever Thought It Was Legit Must Be Blind

Someone deserves to be fired. According to Facebook it’s Rebecca, but if you asked me I’d say that whatever store clerk thought this teenager from Scotland dressed up in his mom’s clothes was legit deserves it more.

According to LadBible, one kid was really jonesin’ for some Mad Dog 20/20 as only someone under the age of 18 would, and decided that instead of bribing some random stranger with a $20 to go buy him alcohol, he’d dress up like his mom.

How this worked is beyond me, other than that a midday liquor store attendant probably doesn’t expect a kid to go so far as to jack his mom’s clothes, throw on some makeup and waltz through the door with all the confidence of a 40-year-old making her 500th trip to grab wine:

Doesn’t look so hot to me, but you never know these days.

[H/T LadBible]