Underwear Company Pushes Lingerie for Men—Why?

Lingerie company Homme Mystere made a big splash at the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show this year with their specially designed “lingerie for men.” The garments include the “Fun Teddy” night piece, which, the company says, is a “Lovely soft fabric teddy for men. Full cut that stays in place, perfect sleepwear. You will wear this every night.” Other ensembles come with similarly eye-opening pictures of dudes in pink, frilly, and teddy-bear-plastered lingerie. 

Before you think that Homme Mystere is a strange niche in a world dominated by those Jockey boxer-briefs your high school girlfriend bought you like seven years ago, read this, from alt-weekly magazine Vegas Seven:

“If the audience's reception is any indication, we might be on the cusp of a new era in men's underwear. I'm not referring to body-hugging boxer briefs that leave little to the imagination; rather, I'm talking about frilly thongs, silk camisoles and pink teddies designed with men's bodies in mind.”


Here's what I don't understand: Why, exactly, is this being marketed for straight dudes? Because it totally is. Homme Mystere says, “As with women's lingerie, some [guys] will want it all the time, some for special occasions and some will be purchased by wives or girlfriends for the men in their lives”—which is hilarious. Drop the petensions that any straight guy wants to wear this, and let us be on our way. 

Please don't make this fucking mainstream. Society already makes us put on deodorant, shave, and shower semi-regularly. I'm not going to take wearing a bra.

[H/T: Guy Code]