Utah Valley Students Storm Court, Fight With New Mexico State Players

The end of the Utah Valley-New Mexico State game turned into an absolute nightmare. Agitated with the crucial overtime loss, Aggies guard K.C. Ross-Miller chucked a ball at Wolverines’ Holton Hunsaker as students began storming the court.

Then came mass confusion, wayward punches, and general chaos.

After the dust settled, consequences were promised.

“It was a very heated, emotional game, and if any of my guys did anything that was out of line, they will be punished to the 10th degree,” New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies said in an interview posted on the school’s website. “That may affect wins and losses, but they need to learn some life lessons after something like that. That is not going to happen in my program, and it’s just embarrassing.”

The fight immediately followed Utah Valley’s victory in the showdown of Western Athletic Conference co-leaders.

“I don’t know what exactly happened. I was kind of going over to shake hands,” Menzies said. “I want to apologize for K.C.’s actions. From what I understand, he threw the ball after the game was over and had expired. I don’t know what provoked it. I mean, Hunsaker’s a little chippy himself so he may have said something or done something, but you just can’t respond. I mean, we showed them plenty of clips where they do things that can get underneath your skin a little bit and you’ve got to be tougher than that mentally, and I’m just upset that he did that.”

On a positive note, this is the most coverage the WAC has received in several months. It’s stuff like this that gets you noticed. Let that be a lesson to you, small-school athletes and students. Fight on.