Remember The Guy Who Won A Vacation But His Family Couldn’t Go? He Went Again And Things Were WAY Different



When we last left WidgetGuy, he’d just returned from an all-inclusive trip to Puerto Rico without his wife. He posted the vacation pics to Reddit and the guy looked pretty damn depressed. The reason his wife couldn’t tag along to PR? They had a 6-month-old baby and Puerto Rico isn’t exactly relaxing with a newborn.

Good news though! WidgetGuy AGAIN won a trip to Puerto Rico (seriously, where does this guy work? They’re handing out trips like free coffee) but this time his wife and kid were able to travel.

WidgetGuy posted some updated pics and it looks like everyone had a lot more fun.

In Bed


Spread Eagle


Just kidding. Traveling with a kid blows. He was probably just as depressed this time around.

[via Reddit]

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