Dude Wins Trip To Puerto Rico But Can’t Bring His Wife, Hilariously Documents Trip Pretending To Be Miserable

Reddit user ‘WidgetDude’ won the trip of a lifetime to Puerto Rico (presumably through work), but there was a catch: he couldn’t bring his wife. They have a 6-month old baby stateside and he claimed based on the type of trip this was one of them would have to stay behind with the baby. So as any smart husband would do he took the opportunity to get out of town, but he did so in a way that managed to appease his jealous wife back home: he documented the entire trip looking miserable.

Uploading the pics to IMGUR and sharing to Reddit, this bro painted a masterful picture for every married man on who to successfully navigate a wonderful vacation without incurring the wrath of your wife back home. This dude’s travels have already gone viral, and he’s paved the way for every bro in a relationship to take trips without their significant others and do so in a way to keep the lady back home happy:

As a newly married man myself I’m certain my wife wouldn’t get pissed if I took a vacation like this without her, but she definitely would be bummed that she couldn’t be there. So doing something like this, and at least pretending to have a shitty time is enough to put that conversation to rest.

This reddit user went above and beyond to ensure that when he got home his life wouldn’t be miserable, and he should be saluted for that. Because on the flip side his wife was stuck stateside taking care of a little diaper-wearing baby who wants nothing more than to ensure she doesn’t sleep an hour straight all night, and that sounds absolutely miserable. So bros, if you ever find yourself in this situation of going on a vacation and leaving your lady back home then know that doing a little can go a VERY long way (the pictures on IMGUR have already been viewed almost TWO MILLION times).

For more pics from the trip you can head on over to WidgetDude’s thread on Reddit.