Insane Surveillance Video Of ISIS Terrorist Spraying Cafe With Bullets During Paris Attacks As People Run For Their Lives

The Daily Mail has released exclusive surveillance video of the horrifying attack on a cafe during the Paris attacks. You can see glass shattering everywhere as a flurry of bullet whiz into the Parisian restaurant. Terrified diners and employees literally run for their lives and attempt to hide as the ISIS madman sprays the entire area with a wall of gunfire.

At the 30 second mark, you can see the gun-wielding terrorist race up to the front of the cafe where a woman was hiding behind table and he points his AK-47 right at her head, and just like in the movies, the gun jams at the precise moment he was going to execute her. He runs away and later is picked up by the black getaway car. Meanwhile the ridiculously fortunate woman narrowly avoids being another victim to the massacre that took the lives of 129 people.

Thankfully no one in the crazy video died during the frantic attack in this particular restaurant.

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