This Horrendous Video Of Justin Bieber Pathetically Attempting To Shotgun A Beer Is Painful To Watch

On Saturday night, Justin Bieber was in the building to witness Floyd Mayweather’s supposed final fight of his career. The boxer ran his record to a perfect 49-0 with his unanimous decision victory over Andre Berto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bieber and the Money Man are still besties, despite Bieber obviously taking a shot at Floyd’s illiteracy only days before the big fight.

However, only hours before the fight, Bieber was out partying with friends when he was challenged to a beer shotgun contest. To say he struggled would be the understatement of the year.

Ooof. That was tough to watch.

Look at this ass (Which one?).

That’s not the face of a champion right there.

I will commend Mr. Bieber on uploading and owning this completely embarrassing video. Takes a lot of balls to post a video of you shitting the bed in an epic manner. However his excuse of “I lost but I didn’t go to college” is fucking weak sauce. Some of the best drinkers that I know didn’t go to college, in fact a couple of them didn’t even finish high school. So to correlate drinking abilities with attending college is totally unsubstantiated.

While he is revoltingly dreadful at shotgunning beers, at least he’s using Instagram correctly. The pop “star” told New York’s Z100 radio station DJ Mo’ Bounce (For fuck’s sake why do radio DJ’s choose the absolute hackiest on-air names) from “Instagram is about dudes lookin’ at pretty girls, that’s basically it,” he told the DJ. “I’m just sayin’ that, of course girls like lookin’ at dudes, but it’s not the same as how much dudes like lookin’ at chicks.” While he may suck at shotgunning beers, he’s probably swimming in a pool of hot Instagram chick quim. So maybe shotgunning a beer isn’t really all that important after all. But he still shotguns a beer like a fucking rookie.