This Vietnamese Tactical Team’s Maneuver Looks As Safe As A Tijuana Hooker With Cold Sores

Frank Costello: John Lennon said, “I’m an artist. You give me a fucking tuba, I’ll get you something out of it.”

I felt the need to open with this quote from The Departed for two reasons. Firstly, I’m extremely impressed by this tactical unit’s ability to work with what they’ve got around them instead of using some futuristic grappling hook setup like Batman. And secondly, because I’ve had The Departed on in the background while writing for the past two hours and I can’t get this quote out of my head….Unrelated, I would suggest muting this video while watching because the electronic music playing in the background is beyond annoying.

This is definitely one of the strangest tactical maneuvers I’ve ever seen. You have to hand it to the squad, it does get that guy up there pretty quickly. I’m just a little stuck on the possibility for grave injury while attempting this in a hostile situation. Or why a tactical team would ever carry around the world’s longest pole instead of the world’s longest folding ladder, or some other shit.

(h/t DIGG)

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