This Guy Is About To Lose So Much Money In A Divorce It Will Make You Want To Vomit THEN Marry His Rich Ex-Wife

by 5 years ago
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There’s a good chance that Vladimir Potanin, one of Russia’s richest men, could lose half of his $15 billion fortune to his ex-wife in a bitter divorce. Yes, over $7 billion dollars.

Though the billionaire offered to settle up with his former wife of 30 years, Natalie Pontanin, and properties in three different cities across the world, she says what’s rightfully hers is exactly half of what Potanin has.

“Natalia claims Potanin’s real wealth is held in offshore companies, and she’s launched an international legal battle to get hold of it,” according to CNN Money.

Under Russian law, any money acquired during a marriage has to be divided equally upon divorce. In case you needed one more reason not to move to Russia. The other reasons being it’s Russia, Putin and it’s Russia.

I’m not sure if the moral this is don’t get married or don’t make billions of dollars. I say don’t get married. Make billions. Bang hookers. Avoid this mess.

That said, if you’re broke, and will never make a ton of money FIND NATALIE SOON!

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