Walmart Brawl Features A Dude Getting Tased So Hard His Shoes Fall Off

We have no way of knowing what led up to this video being filmed. What we do know is that a fight took place in a Walmart parking lot in Columbus, Ohio. A whole gaggle of officers had to be called in to diffuse the situation. The enormous man in the track pants is either an undercover cop or a Walmart security officer (or undercover cop), I’m certain of it. Also, you might be better off watching this one on mute. The commentary of the person filming this video drove me insane.
If there’s a cop on the scene you let him do his job, it’s that simple.

The major players in this video are the dude in the white shirt who gets hit with the taser, the lady causing the ruckus who’s apparently not wearing underwear, and the huge undercover cop in track pants. If you continue to fight in the presence of a cop you just might get hit with a taser. And you’d think that the video would end there, but no, this is Walmart:

Shout out to Busted Coverage for finding and sharing this gem of a Walmart fight video!