The Moment Your ‘Want Some Coke’ Prank Nearly Gets You Arrested

Pranks are all cheeky fun up until the second you’re getting handcuffed by a police officer.

The fine folks at Nelk Filmz were selling coke on the streets to strangers in Venice Beach. That’s right, they were offering cans of refreshing Coca-Cola to people. See it’s funny because “coke” is not only an illegal drug, but also a totally legal soft drink (However in the late 1800’s, Coca-Cola did have extract of coca leaves in it for “medicinal” purposes). One would think they would only get in trouble if they were offering RC Cola, but that wasn’t the case.

When the female officer asks, “Why are you guys in the car? You’d think you’re at the beach, you’d wanna go out on the sand.” To which one prankster hilariously responds, “I don’t really like sand.” He’s right, sand really is overrated.

After running the driver’s license and some light interrogation one of the guys cracks under the pressure, “I can’t do this! I can’t do this! We have a bunch of coke in the back! It’s not ours though, we were just bringing it to a friend.” What a fucking rat!

That’s when the officers cuff the two dudes in the front of the car. One bewildered guy makes a witty taxation joke before he is hauled out of the car.

The officeress, err female officer, searches the vehicle and then she discovers the payload, a trunk full of Coke. The other officer does the search and find the soda to which he says, “Aww these guys are genius.”

They are set free by the police without incident and only some goodhearted laughter and handshakes exchanged. Now they may return to pranks that hopefully don’t take valuable time from the hardworking police.