Warren Buffett Issues Fiery Response After Donald Trump Questioned His Tax Returns

During Sunday night’s Presidential Debate, Donald Trump’s $916 million income tax loss carry forward came into question. Rather than answering the question asked about it (because candidates never seem to actually answer the actual questions these days) Donald Trump went on the offensive and called Warren Buffett’s taxes into question. Why? Because reasons, DUH.

Today, Buffett cleared the air about all of the taxes he’s paid and the billions (yes, billions) of dollars he’s personally donated to charity last year. To which I say, “Yo Warren…I have a Human Fund I need you to support. $10 million should do the trick. Thanks in advance for the donation. Many blessings. Your ride or die bitch, JC.”

During Buffett’s very detailed response about his own taxes and donations, he made sure to take a final jab at Trump stating that there is no “legal” reason why he couldn’t release his tax returns while under audit. What are you suggesting, Warren? That’s rhetorical.


Here’s what Buffett had to say (courtesy of CNBC).

Can’t wait for Trump to respond. Hope he gives Buffett a rad nickname like Dopey Mark Cuban, Little Marco Rubio and Crooked Hillary.