Tunnel At Washington Nuclear Plant Collapses, Employees Told To ‘Take Cover’

by 10 months ago

A tunnel at the Hanford nuclear plant in Washington state plant collapsed on Tuesday morning, prompting a mass evacuation. Hundreds of employees of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation were told to “take cover” after a tunnel in the plutonium finishing plant collapsed around 8:30 a.m. in Washington state.

There were reportedly no workers in the tunnel at the time of the collapse. A manager sent a message to workers telling them to “secure ventilation in your building” and to “refrain from eating or drinking.” Workers at the site have been evacuated and those who were farther away were instructed to shelter-in-place and remain indoors.

Some are calling the incident a “crisis.”

The tunnel allegedly contained highly contaminated materials including nuclear waste trains that are used to transport radioactive fuel rods. The tunnel connects to a PUREX (plutonium uranium extraction) building.

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