I Wanna Party With This Wasted Dude Who Got Stuck Under An ATM’s Glass Door

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People in the coastal city of Wenzhou south of Shanghai were treated to a super interesting spectacle the other night, when they noticed a wasted man passed out under a small opening in the bottom of the glass door of an ATM.

Here’s what his rescuers had to say about the incident –

“We think he got in by the door but, for some reason he was incapable of explaining to us at the time, he decided to get out through the small ventilation gap at the bottom of one of the walls,” said fire service spokesman Hsin Ke.

“He was well and truly wedged and unfortunately he was too intoxicated to follow our instructions on how to get himself out so we had to smash the glass panel to remove him. It is going to turn out to be a very expensive night on the town for this man,” he added.

What the hell, firemen? Did this guy ask for you to smash the door? Can’t a guy get some shut eye on the ground of an ATM these days without being bothered by a bunch of nosy firemen? Everyone’s gotta be in everybody else’s business!

I like that he was working his way through the opening, and then once he got caught, rather than panic that he was stuck, he was just like, “eh, whatever. I’m just gonna take a nap and hope this thing sorts itself out.” In his defense, he ended up being right.

I can’t post the picture of him stuck under the door here because, ya know, copyrights or something (I’m no lawyer), but head over to The Daily Star to peep the hilarious pic.

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