This Rugged, Waterproof Duffel Bag Is The Ultimate Carryall and Travel Companion For Outdoor Adventures

by 9 months ago

The key to a great long-weekend adventure is great weekend luggage. That essential piece of carryall luggage is the duffel bag. Every weekend warrior needs a durable duffel that neatly packs away all the essentials they need for a weekend away — from beer koozies to a fleece for chilly nights by a campfire to a towel for the beach to that extra pair of river shoes for your kayak trip.

Hudson Sutler Weekender bags  are iconic for Bros on the go in the Northeast, but there’s definitely a void in the duffel market for something more adventure-friendly. Insert the HEXAD Duffel,  a rugged, waterproof duffel that can stash everything you need for a weekend getaway (or longer). Designed by WANDRD, HEXAD duffels are some of most high-end duffels on the market, boasting the ability to lug everything from camera cubes to laptops to an extra pair of hiking boots. The bags have backpack straps, so you don’t have to lug it all with one shoulder strap. It’s also available in 40L and 60L options, with plenty of ways to compartmentalize your belongings for road dog life.

This new piece of essential luggage is by the same people behind The PRVKE Pack, one of the best photographer adventure backpacks on the market.

Go grab at HEXAD Duffel over on Kickstarter, where the project is skyrocketing past its goal.

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