Find The Perfect Occasion To Wear This Weed-Inspired Dress Shirt

by 5 years ago


“Anybody who’s not dead knows that Colorado’s on the vanguard of this movement, and we at Rockmount like to think that’s what we do in the fashion world. So we developed a design that fits in our long tradition of doing floral embroideries,” Rockmount president Steve Weil told The Cannabist, “except these flowers can be smoked.”

That might be my favorite quote about clothing ever. Considering I don’t know any other quotes about clothing, it was an easy climb to the top of my list.

Act shocked — sales are good.

The store already has sold enough of the shirts to order a second round of production, but Weil is careful to note that the shirts are fashion — not political — statements.

“We are creating a new Western shirt design,” he said, “and it’s not a political statement. … Marijuana is ubiquitous in Colorado, and why can’t we have a little fun in Western shirt design?”

Rockmount has been making cowboy apparel for decades and recently became just as 420 obsessed as its home state of Colorado. Rockmount now offers a variety of clothing for the marijuana enthusiast.  They’ve already got a ton of celebrity clients.

The shirts surely will bring even more celebrity clients through Rockmount’s doors. Famous clients who return to Rockmount to replenish their wardrobes include Robert Plant, Jack White, Bob Dylan and David Bowie.

Yup, all those names check out as being “people who’d wear shirts with pot leaves on them.”

[H/T: The Cannabist]